Making Denver a Smarter, more Sustainable City

City of Denver

inUse is helping City of Denver to become a smarter and more sustainable city. Together with our partner Panasonic we are shaping the City of the Future.

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Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in US today, with a rapidly growing population and an economy that’s booming. To handle the challenges and increased demand for a sustainable, smart city Denver partnered up with Panasonic. The project would extend outside of the USA when they went looking for a Service Design-partner and found inUse. We are now a strategic partner helping Panasonic and Denver to achieve their goals.

Sustainable in every aspect

This partnership will ultimately make Denver a more sustainable, smart city by enhancing access to and development of community engagement, energy efficiency, water conservation, public safety, healthcare and other public services.

– Smart technology and Internet of Things are amazing incentives. But they are still means to reach a higher goal: The unique thing about what inUse are doing in Denver is that we’re coordinating all of the comprehensive goals in the region with 15 of the highest directors in the city of Denver. Only together we are able to bridge the gap and reach the sustainability goals, says Kjell Persson, CEO of inUse.

In total, the work include over 100 coordinated projects that will run over many years and create a sustainable future for all the Denver residents.

Three focus areas

Since the autumn of 2015 inUse has been in Denver working with Panasonic and the City of Denver. We opened up a Denver branch and are currently focusing on assisting them in three areas:

  • Understanding citizens' needs and behaviors, being able to perform data-driven analysis and on-site observations and interviews, learning about people's needs and understanding where there is a window for improvement.
  • Visualizing design solutions for different ideas that pops up, based on citizens needs and technological opportunities, aiming for city goals on sustainability.
  • Engage and organize the city leaders as a collective on how to make decisions in a tempo that allows for radical changes towards a Smart and Sustainable City. To find a smart way of working!

From transportation to residential buildings

To be even more concrete inUse is right now helping The City of Denver with:

  • Smart city environments.
  • The future of transportation – everything from autonomous cars to cycling.
  • Residence of the future – with the aspects of sustainability, quality of life and service.
  • Intelligent traffic solutions.
  • Create even more solutions for energy efficiency.

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