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Melissa Perri – South Sweden Tour!

onsdag 07 okt

Many products are created with little, or no, validation before the work begins. That very often leads to products and features that remain unused. Avoid wasting time building something that no one wants! Find out if there is demand for your product before work begins.

With MVPs, Minimum Viable Products, you and your team can learn more about customers, learn to waste less time, deliver usable and valuable solutions faster, and boost a product's user experience exponentially.

Learn how to work with MVPs in your development process in this one day workshop, filled with exercises and real life examples. Melissa Perri will reveal the ins and outs of creating MVPs and how to successfully introduce this way of working at your company. 

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals of how to define and test your product as MVPs.
  • How to explore and define a hypothesis.
  • How to align your experimentation with business goals or KPIs.
  • How to integrate MVPs into your overall delivery plan.
  • How focusing on experiments, rather than functions, saves time and money.
  • How to iterate on feedback from your customers to plan experiments.

Who should attend?

Product Owners, Product Leaders, Product Managers, Business Analyst, Project Managers, Systems Architects, Lead developers and UX Designers in organisations delivering digital services and products.

Experience in Agile methods is preferred but not required.

Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri is the CEO of ProdUX Labs, a product development consultancy based in New York City. She is a recognized international speaker on Lean and Agile Product Management and UX. Her core expertise focuses on eliminating bad product ideas early, prioritizing features, and integrating innovative practices. Before becoming a consultant, Melissa founded a startup in Italy, worked in various stage startups in NYC and at a large investment bank as a developer.

22 June - 4 Sep; 4995 sek/person
5 Sep - 25 Sep; 5995 sek/person

Even more!
Interview with Melissa Perri; Stop blaming MVPs for your mistakes!
Ingrid Domingues om vikten av att "smaka av" och MVP:s: Smaka ofta!

Do you have any questions?
Contact jane.murray@inuse.se directly.

Workshop Schedule
Stockholm 5th of October - Slutsåld! Sold out!
Gothenburg 7th of October - Slutsåld! Sold out!
Malmoe 9th of October - few seats left



  • Pris

    5995 SEK

    exkl. moms

  • Tid & datum

    07 okt 2015


  • Plats

    Scandic Europa


    Nils Ericsonsgatan 21

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