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Abby the IA is coming to FBTB

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This week we presented our latest addition to our speakers list at From Business to Buttons: Abby Covert.

Abby Covert is an independent Information Architect living and working in New York City. She specializes in delivering a collaborative information architecture process and teaching those that she works with along the way.

We are happy to announce that Abby will be joining us in Stockholm at From Business to Buttons 2016.

Abby Covert speaks and writes under the pseudonym Abby the IA, focusing on sharing information architecture content with those working within the design and technology communities.

She is the author of “How to Make Sense of Any Mess”, a book about information architecture for everybody. This is her own description of the book: 

I wrote this book because everything is getting more complex and I think the world is going to need an army of sensemakers prepared for the information-based challenges that lay ahead. I believe that information architecture is the right framing of theory and practice to prepare someone to make sense of any mess they might face.

If you want to catch the latest news Abby is a frequent tweeter and has a packed Slideshare account.

The photo at the top (and below) is Abbys LEGO calender she built to get a better grip on which client/customer she is supposed to work with each day.