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Designing for The Internet of Things

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Avi Itzkovitch wants to inspire designers by revealing insights into the processes and principles designing for the Internet of things. And in April, he's coming to Sweden

Welcome to Sweden and From Business to Buttons Avi, we are delighted that you are joining us in April. Will this be your first visit to Sweden?
– Yes it is, I'm very excited!

You are working as an independent UX Consultant and is the Founder of UX Salon, an international UX Design conference in Tel-Aviv.​ Tell me a bit about your background … what got you into UX?
– I started my career as a visual designer, from there it was a natural transition into UX. My passion has always been for product development and user centered design. For me, user experience is not just a profession; it's a place where I continuously learn to expand my knowledge. A playground for the mind.

What will you be talking about on the main stage at From Business to Buttons? 
– My talk will focus on context aware computing and how we can utilize technology to understand the user and its context. I will be speaking about Adaptive Design, and how to create digital interactions that adapt to the user's context.

What is the biggest difference between designing for Internet of things and designing traditional user interfaces?
– The Internet of Things brings many interesting challenges. We are now starting to design interactions for physical objects and not just for screens. When we remove the screen, the experience becomes the product. This, of course, forces us to think beyond the screen experience and about how to create meaningful interactions when connecting a device to a network. It’s very challenging and exciting times.

Avi Itzkovitch is hosting his workshop Designing for the Internet of Things at April 22. It's one out of 7 workshops that are held on April 21 and 22. Be sure to check them out.