Eric pratar om agila metoder på Geeknight

Johan Berndtsson

Idebro Min kollega Eric Idebro pratar om användbarhet och agila metoder på Agicals Geeknight den 26:e november.

"How to merge Scrum with user centered design activities? User centered activities in Scrum projects are sometimes regarded as either hard to implement or even unnecessary to include in the projects. However, more and more people realize that usability and user experience are critical factors when it comes to create successful products.

Eric Idebro shows how and where to include user centered activities in a Scrum project by presenting a case where a project team used Scrum as the project method and included user centered design activities such as user group analysis, prototyping, usability testing and expert reviews to ensure that the requirements regarding usability were met."

Anmäl dig till Agical om du vill komma!

/Johan Berndtsson

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