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A wonderful FBTB17 day!

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The day we have been waiting for, conference day. From Business to Buttons 2017!

More about FBTB17!

Stellar speakers, 850 UX, business and strategy people, engagemant in the air. What a day! Schedule and more is here!

Final speaker of FBTB17 – Alexander Osterwalder. Engaging the audience with a tight performance. 

– Why do products often flop? 

– You are the hero in this story.

Donna Lichaw about the importance of the story.


In the afternoon we got som engaging music. By Music Producer Andreas TIlliander. 

Alan Cooper from his home in California. Working backward. ”Common sense is just a result of our cognitive bias.”

He was tremendous at FBTB15 and now he was back. And Mike Monteiro rocked again. He asked the question:

– Do you want to talk design or politics?

And, a bit later, added:

– You should have known that it was a trick question.

Eric A. Meyer began with his real life story about his daughter's death, and everyone understood in a blink of an eye how important the choices that you make are. Design and strategy can be about life and death.

– It can be horrible wrong in the wrong context.

After the first break Jaime Levy started with a standard story:

– We had a few drinks in a bar...

And then, of course, Levy gave us great things of Hyperloop, UX Strategy and many other lovely stories.

The third speaker of the day, Dawn Ressel:

– You need your design system to flex or it will break.


Danielle Ehrlich in her exciting talk Participating in Moments that Truly Matter. 

After her talk she answered some questions about her work.

– We can come up with a plan, but real life is always dynamic, you got to be very agile, because everything can happen, Danielle Ehrlich says.


Photo from stage ”Music for conference” by Anderas Tilliander:

More about FBTB17!