How to convince the boss!

Sara Doltz

Do you want to join FBTB in May? Does the Boss not understand the great value of service design and UX? We're here to help!

This year's theme: From Design thinking to Design doing

We, designers, have long known that design is an important tool for creating business value. And we have actually convinced many about this already. Now is the time to put words into action. Getting to practice once the preaching is done. Your stakeholders believe in you, management is engaged – how do you get the most concrete grip on your everyday life in order to get the most out of your day? You will find out at FBTB this year.

No external marketing on the stage

Many other conferences recuperate costs by selling speaker slots. This means that much of what is said on stage is colored by someone's or a company's personal agenda. This is not the case at FBTB. We want you to get the most bang for your buck and not have to sift knowledge out of a stream of market buzzwords. We pay our speakers – not the other way around.

The world comes to you

By taking 10 speakers from all over the world, your boss saves a lot of time and money. Instead of traveling abroad by air, staying overnight and attending a conference, the overhead costs are dramatically lower.

Even more concrete

FBTB has always been a place for concrete, solid advice and inspiration. But with this year's theme we will approach tools and tips along the way.

We have no inspirational lecturer on futuristic AI robots that skip obstacles – instead, we put a lot of effort into telling you how your organization, and you as a designer, can use machine learning to add value to your solution/service.

No one will be talking vaguely about Lean UX – instead, the focus is on how design leaders should build teams to create efficient and fun design organizations that support their way of working.

Marc Stickdorn will talk about doing the hard part – How to actually embed service design in your organization. His focus is the difference between theory and practice of using service design to really have an impact on people. 

Theese are just some of the hands on advice you'll get during the day.

Design IS business

From Business to Buttons is about how to become successful in this borderland between business and design. Digitization is here and everywhere around us, whether we want it or not. Going to FBTB means learning to prioritize, and to use design methodology to develop your business.

Good price now

If you buy before March 31, the tickets are cheaper, you'll save 1000 SEK a pop. There are also group discounts so you can go with the whole team. If you hace any questions about the discount, send an e-mail to Jane Murray or just send you boss to: and tell him or her to buy tickets now!

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