Let's welcome Neha Kumar

Sara Doltz

Neha Kumar works at the intersection of human-computer interaction design and global development. Today we add her to the list of speakers at FBTB 2019!

Neha Kumar is an Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech, with a joint appointment in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs and the School of Interactive Computing.

With a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley’s School of Information and masters from Stanford University, Kumar says that she thrives in spaces where she can use her background in computer science, design, and ethnography all at once. Kumars work lies at the intersection of human-computer interaction/design and global development.

She says that the focus of her research is to understand and critically examine the technology practice and the sociotechnical context of the people that she study, and to leverage this understanding to design appropriate technology and inventions for them.

Neha is also the co-founder of a non-profit mHealth start-up, which targets concerns regarding children’s health – early detection of growth, development, and immunization issues – in the Indian context. This idea won first prize at a health hackathon organized by CAMTech and held at GE Research in Bangalore, in 2014. It also won an Innovation Award from CAMTech in early 2015.

From Business to Buttons 2019 is in May and there are still tickets available. Get your's now and see Neha Kumar live at Scandinavias largest UX and Service Design conference.

A great talk: Global UX: Designing for Women's Safety in Urban India, by Neha Kumar.

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