Pontus Wärnestål – Get Your Gear in Order – Building a Toolbox for the Future

Ola Nilsson

Pontus Wärnestål, Director of Service Design at inUse, at From Business to Buttons outlines principles for designing the tools we need – to create meaningful services in the age of AI!

As the physical and digital merge, new opportunities to create value for customers and organizations arise. In today’s global experience economy, intentional service design can help us address business challenges and enhance organizations’ capabilities by tapping into the power and value of customer experience. However, designing service experiences is different from designing physical products. Pontus Wärnestål (Ph.D) is an award-winning Service Designer and Human-Computer Interaction researcher, with 15+ years of experience within both industry and academia. He has created the Digital Design and Innovation program at Halmstad University, and is Director of Service Design at inUse. With his focus on societal impact and service innovation for health, Pontus’ talk focuses on methods and tools for how to create meaningful services. 

Pontus´slides are here!

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