Jonas Söderström

För mycket säkerhet motverkar sitt syfte. Tre sjukhus i London tvingades stänga ner flera av sina IT-system efter virusattacker i förra veckan. I Guardian kopplas detta ihop med dålig användbarhet hos systemen, vilket får de anställda att dela inloggningar:

"The shutdown came as a survey by the GPs' newspaper Pulse revealed widespread breaches of computer security by NHS staff. Doctors and nurses are issued with smartcards that can be used to access electronic medical records.

In a survey of more than 300 GPs, Pulse found one in six were aware of NHS staff in their area sharing smartcards, usually to circumvent cumbersome log-on procedures or to make data available at several terminals. About 5% of GPs admitted sharing their own smartcard.

A Connecting for Health spokesperson said: 'Healthcare staff should not share smartcards and if smartcards are used improperly disciplinary procedures should follow.' "
Computer virus strikes at three London hospitals, Guardian 19 nov 2008

The floggings will continue until morale improves, alltså.

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