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Enkät om resor i kollektivtrafiken

Zayera Khan

Hur upplever du informationen om resor i kollektivtrafiken? Var med i vår undersökning om resvanor i vardagen. Om du uppger din emailadress kan du vinna två biobiljetter! Syftet med undersökningen är att samla synpunkter och åsikter om resevanor och trafikupplevelser ...

iPhone missing functionality - part II

Zayera Khan

When comparing the iPhone to other mobile phones, here is what strikes me; it is an entertainment device, which happens to make phone calls too! Yes its great with the touchsreen-interaction, and nicely animated features, and cool apps which allow ...

Fring on Iphone

Zayera Khan

I just installed Fring on my iphone, and I will be reporting on its usability, user expeience. The first issue I have encountered concerns being "logged in" on several devices, platforms. On my pc, I am using and connected to ...