Spend a sunny Saturday in class?

Johan Berndtsson


Cooper, one of the best known design studios in the world, are offering you a unique chance on the 14th of June. Cooper CEO David Fore is giving a new 7-hour seminar on the theme "Defining Design Requirements the Cooper way with personas and scenarios". This course, never held in Europe before, will take place on 14 June (Saturday), at s:t Gertrud in Malmö.

The cost for the entire seminar is $US600 only, but time is running out! Take the chance to steal one of the lasts seats, and get inspiration and new tools to help you excel in your design work.

Here's what other people have said about the Cooper U courses that are normally only available in the US:

  • "Highly recommended! Even as an experienced designer I both learned a lot a got a sanity check for the workI'm doing. I'm totally energized!" - Comment from course evaluation
  • "Inspiring, educational, fun. I'm leaving with a lot of tools, information and confidence." - Comment from course evaluation

/Jeanette Lindberg

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