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Donna Lichaw, author of the book "The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products That People Love", is coming to From Business to Buttons 2017. Learn all about her successful "Story First" approach.

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Through her writing, speaking, and much loved Storymapping Workshops, Donna guides startups, non-profits, and global brands in optimizing their digital products and services by providing them with a simplified way to drive user engagement. Utilizing her "story first" approach, she helps organizations define and refine their value proposition, transform their thinking, and better engage with their core customers.

Prior to her career in technology, she refined her talent for storytelling and narrative development as an award-winning documentary filmmaker. 

In her talk – Story First: Crafting Products That Engage – you will learn how taking a story first approach to product design and development will help you build more successful websites, apps, campaigns, and services. Whether you realize it or not at the moment, you experience everything as if it was a story. The better the story, the more likely you are to want to use a product, continue to use it, pay to use it, and recommend it to others.

The day after her talk you can also join her workshop, Storymapping the User Experience​. Here you will learn how simple storytelling techniques can transform your next idea, product, campaign, or strategy from good to great. Whether you are creating something from scratch, or optimizing it for conversion, activation, or engagement, mapping the story first will help you determine how to envision and develop something people not only love to use, but utilize and recommend.

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