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Students – here are 4 awesome thesis projects

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For the second year in a row, we at inUse are looking for students interested in doing their thesis work with us.

Last year was a great success, with more than 50 applications and three different thesis projects being supervised by inUse. This year we're announcing four thesis projects and we decided to have a talk about them with Jon Karlsson, who is responsible for them and our trainee program

What can you tell us about this year’s projects?
– I’m really excited about all of them! I think that there is a good diversity between them and we’re covering a wide range of topics - from traditional interaction design to more experimental exploration of AR and VR. We also have to projects that in different ways touches upon service design - which I know a lot of students are interested in. 

This year there is also a project with a real client. Tell me more about that.
– We’ll it’s not actually a client of ours, but one of the nominees that got an honorary mention in this year’s inUse Award; Efterlevandeguiden. I think they are providing such a great service in a context and situation that is very demanding. And we are really glad that we could help facilitate this project together with them.

Do you have any advice for the applicants?
– Show what your passionate about, be yourself and try to stand out from the crowd. I read a lot of applications, not only for the thesis projects and our trainee-program, and unfortunately a lot of applicants don’t manage to convey their passion and why they want the position.

When is the deadline to apply?
– November 5th! So hurry up if you are interested!