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Warm-up, learn up – Design Lunches with FBTB

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This fall, you will have a great opportunity to learn, discuss, and develop your design skills. As part of the FBTB 2021 pre-event, we have launched our Design Lunches. Meet-ups with lots of different speakers and takes on design.

The conference line-up is all set, and we'll have a blast with you and all the speakers in May 2021. But until then we have created a pre-event, the FBTB Design Lunches.

What are these Design Lunches, then? The lunches are a unique opportunity for you to get together with other designers and discuss your work.

All of the Design Lunches will be held digitally and are free for all FBTB 2021 ticket holders. (Pssst, if you don't have a ticket – now's the time to buy one.) 

We'll start each lunch together and later divide into smaller groups where you can discuss and exchange ideas in a nice forum. If you're still working from home this will be your perfect lunch-learning experience. 

There will be talks and discussions on:

  • Design by magic
  • Human-centered AI
  • Visual design
  • Ethical design
  • How to build strong design teams

You can read more about all of the scheduled Design Lunches on our website.

Next up is:

  • The FBTB archives: ”Jared Spool, Beyond the UX tipping point ”on September 29.
  • ”How experiences from your love life can be used to create great customer experiences”, with Karin Eklund on October 13.

We’ll continue all the way until May 2021. If you have bought a ticket to FBTB 2021 you should have received an invitation with all of the offered lunches. If you haven’t bought your tickets and don't want to miss out on all the fun – now’s the time to get one.