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Sara Doltz

Test more and test often. That’s what Teston is trying to convince all UX teams to do with their digital, remote user testing product.

 Teston is a Norwegian startup building a digital, remote, user testing service. Founded just a year ago, they are now moving into multiple markets, such as Sweden and Germany. 

Chris Moen, CEO & Founder at Teston.
Chris Moen, CEO & Founder at Teston.

It all started when Chris Moen and a couple of friends co-founded a CRO and performance marketing agency. As their clients wanted to do user testing, on a tight budget, the team went looking for a software tool to fill their need to test faster and cheaper.

”We couldn’t find anything that suited our needs, so we decided to build a new tool to solve our problem. Along the way, we found out that a lot of others had the same problem”, says Chris Moen.

Teston’s goal is to provide a platform that removes barriers and lowers the threshold to test for anyone making digital products.

”All you need to do is set up a test, and that only takes about 30 minutes. Teston handles everything else, from recruitment to paying the testers,” says Chris.

 What is special about your service?

”We’ve made a supplement to moderated user testing. Our technology records everything the tester is doing while testing (scrolling, clicking, typing), as well as what they say and their face/body language. It’s like sitting next to them, but in their home instead.”

 As Teston is a user testing service, used mainly by UX teams, creating a great user experience is crucial. The design team at Teston consists of 1 user researcher, 2 designers, and a Head of Product/UX, Kea Zhang.

How do you yourself work with user feedback?

”Here’s where it gets very meta: we actually run user tests on our own testing platform! We’re truly a curious bunch here at Teston, and we use a mix of different research methods to gather user feedback. This includes un-moderated testing on Teston, but also moderated testing in our office. We test everything from lo-fi paper prototypes to high-fi mock-ups, as often as we can.”

 Curious to learn more? Teston is one of our sponsors at From Business to Buttons and they’ll be on location at Cirkus to show off their platform. Or are you intrested in a free user test and can't wait until the conference? Send an e-mail to Teston with the code FBTB2019 in the subject line and the team will get you set up.

Part of the Teston team. Photo: Andreas Bastian Nordberg
Part of the Teston team. Photo: Andreas Bastian Nordberg

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