Yahoo satsar på samhällsvetare

Jon Karlsson

I en intressant artikel som publicerades i förra veckans San Fransisco Chronicle kan man läsa att Yahoo satsar stort på samhällsvetare inom bland annat Psykologi, Etnografi och Ekonomi. Detta tack vare den nya VD:n Carol Bartz:

Shortly after Carol Bartz took over as chief executive of Yahoo Inc. early last year, she met with Prabhakar Raghavan for an overview of the Sunnyvale Web giant's research division. As the head of Yahoo Labs ran through the catalog of computer scientists on staff, Bartz turned to him and asked: "Where are your psychologists?" [...] As the novelty of the Internet gives way, Yahoo and other 21st century media businesses are discovering they must understand what motivates humans to click and stick on certain features, ads and applications - and dismiss others out of hand.
Kul att höra tycker jag, och välbehövligt för Yahoo kan man väl säga.

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