inUse research showed how users really want to buy their food online

inUse has helped the online food shop "", and it has improved things both for the company and for those who want to shop their food online in the best possible way. Basically, it was about answering two questions that many people face over and over. What are we going to eat today? And how can I shop efficiently from my car before the kids wake up in 10 minutes?

The Challenge

The website wanted to improve the online shopping experience. They wanted a  streamlined website with a clear goal: to get the customers to do more of their grocery shopping at inUse was asked to develop a concept. But above all, turned to inUse because they wanted to think in new ways and break old patterns; they wanted to achieve more innovation.


inUse took a holistic approach. Instead of simply trying to optimize, we looked at how the whole offer could be improved.

There was a clear target group: there was a clear target group: people who consciously seek simplicity.Previous strategic data and use surveys were also available.

To reach a deeper understanding, we started by exploring and analyzing the needs and behaviours of the target group, to see what they really looked like. Then we translated this into a customer journey that described the current situation.

The Result

It turned out that visitors did not plan their purchases before entering website. They'd made a list before they'd even navigated to – through a note on the refrigerator, with digital notes or using services that solely offer planning. New inspiration and offers on the website didn't particularly influence them. Nor was loyalty to the service a key factor. On, they ticked off most of their list and then – they were done.

So, what really mattered was: What were the real hopes and needs when using a service like

It was about simplicity. The life puzzel needed to be simplified as much as possible. Simplicity is valued much higher than price, for example. Two questions that keeped reaccuring were:

  • What are we going to eat for dinner?
  • How can I shop efficiently from the car before the kids wake up in 10 minutes?

We created a Future State Customer Journey Map together with, a plan for what the future will look like on the site. We also developed several concepts where we iteratively tested many prototypes during the journey. This was all to reach a solution that makes it much easier for people to do their shopping. A solution where we've designed less in regard to the prices of the products and instead more towards an extreme level of flexibility. Where both loyalty and purchases will increase in the long run.

inUse was assigned a task focused on UX, then took it to a Service Design level with a holistic approach. And ultimately, this improves things both for and for those who want to shop for their food online in the best possible way.