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An Intranet that has True Effect
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Ale Municipality was faced with a challenge. They had a large intranet, which users found difficult to navigate. Following extensive preparatory work they now have clear effects that they want to achieve and a design that matches their objectives.

Ale Municipality was faced with a common challenge when it came to their intranet. It was complicated, cumbersome and all important information was buried without any structure.

“We wanted to create simplicity for our uses and have all the information on one place – and it should be user-friendly at the same time,” says May Herlin, IT strategist at the municipality.

Identifying the effects to be achieved

Ale Municipality turned for help to the IT company DQC, who contacted inUse for joint collaboration. inUse’s job was to review the features relating to user-friendliness, and work started with an Impact Mapping exercise. This involved interviews with five managerial employees and ten other employees, as well as questionnaires to find out what was actually needed.

The Impact Mapping exercise provides a clearer insight into an organisation’s objectives and challenges – as well as where it is feeling the pinch. With this knowledge gathered in, it is easier to build an intranet that meets users’ needs and enables the organisation to achieve its desired goals.

“Letting the organisation’s requirements guide the design proved to be a successful combination,” believes May Herlin.

No patchwork

One common challenge, and a risk, in an intranet is that it can quickly become a patchwork quilt of old compromises and short-term solutions. Ale Municipality took a view on this and achieved a well-streamlined intranet with strict priorities.

An intranet can’t do it all – you have to prioritise for it to be good and be perceived as simple. Ale also succeeded in creating an intranet with a focus on collaboration. They have several collaborative spaces on which they placed great emphasis, and it is absolutely not a case of one-way communication.

“We decided to move a lot up into the cloud to be faster and more flexible. This enables our employees to be more mobile, and the aim is that the responsive intranet will work well regardless of what device you’re using,” concludes May Herlin.