As of October 2023 inUse is officially part of AFRY Experience Studios.
Academy courses continued until 31/12.
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Our Services 

Creating the world's best designs takes multidisciplinary talent and a wide variety of people. We are confident in taking on any tasks and assignments. However, if you are a bit curious in our level of expertise, you find them summarized below.

Human-Centred AI

At InUse, we are helping you make sense of AI technology as an enabler for great user experience and impact on your organization.

Sustainable Design

We have a holistic approach to Sustainable Design. We can help you manage your resources in a responsible way, to ensure sustainable impact for People, Planet and Prosperity

Service Design

Service Design is a collection of design-oriented methods that involve taking a holistic approach to a user’s – or customer’s, patient’s, student’s or citizens’ – contact points and interactions with an organization, service and brand.

Business Design

Business Design target decision makers and strategy owners to help them navigate in a fast-changing world by combining strategy and design thinking. The objective is to create an applied strategy, bringing innovation and business development to life.

Impact Mapping and Management

Digital services should be perceived as valuable by their users and create value for the client, organisation and society at large. In order to study and describe the value of an investment, we use a model known as Effektkarta® (Impact Map). This describes the value to the business resulting from successful utilisation. It also describes how users behave when using the service and what the solution must therefore provide in order to be perceived as valuable.

Visual Design

Our approach to Visual Design is born out of the needs of the business, the users, and the brand. Only then can we create a lasting impact.  Whether the outcomes are animation, interface design, illustrations or a well-crafted narrative, we make sure it communicates the right thing.

User Experience Design

At inUse we are experts at user experience design. We can help you understand your users, figure out what to build, create and test design solutions that deliver the impact that you desire, and even help you set up and organise your design team.


The research we plan and perform is based on an in-depth understanding of human behavior, needs, and drivers. Our Research helps you achieve your business goals by creating new, knowledge-based insights in the behavior, struggles, and attitudes of your audience and competitors.

Policy design

At InUse, we want to make complex decision-making less complicated with the help och design methods like policy design.