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Research helps you achieve your business goals by creating new, knowledge-based insights in the behavior, struggles, and attitudes of your audience and competitors. By acting on this knowledge you can build on the strengths of your service and eliminate issues created by potential weaknesses. 

No matter the method used or the size of the study, the research we at InUse plan and perform is based on an in-depth understanding of human behavior, needs, and drivers. 

Our findings are always presented in an easily accessible way, with a focus on actionable insights and concrete recommendations on what to improve. 

Research helps you to: 

  • Reach your target audiences

  • Make your service more profitable and easy to use 

  • Improve the efficiency of your marketing 

Strategic, operational, and validating research   

There are several ways to conduct research and it can help support long-term strategies and road maps as well as provide input for very concrete design improvements. 

We at InUse have vast experience of research on the whole spectrum from strategic to validation and can help you make sure that the right kind of research is conducted to suit the needs of your organization. 

Qualitative and quantitative research 

To make sure that you make the decisions needed to make your service as successful as possible, you need to keep track of both the feelings and attitudes the users have towards your service and the number side of things. Therefore, both qualitative and quantitative research is always needed.