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Sustainable Design

At inUse, we have a holistic approach to Sustainable Design. We can help you manage your resources in an impact-driven way, to ensure sustainable impact for People, Planet and Prosperity.

In everything we do, we aim to create as much positive impact as possible. For that impact to be sustainable, we need to adopt a holistic approach. Sustainable Design means creating a positive impact for People, Planet, and Prosperity. Improving one area is only the first step, and must never happen at the expense of another.


Products and services that exclude or even harm people lead to a huge waste of human potential. And with all the weird shit happening in the world today, we need minds of all kinds to help fix it!

As designers, we can help by:

  • Making products and services more accessible
  • Improving the physical, social, and digital working environment
  • Steering clear of dark patterns in our design that might mislead or harm users.


So far, we don’t have a Planet B in case we screw this one up. And it is of the utmost importance to not only protect the planet from further degradation but to ensure that it can support the needs of present and future generations.

As designers, we can help by:

  • Designing for behavioral change to support more sustainable living and working
  • Exploring if the resources involved in the product or service lifecycle can be managed in a more sustainable way.


The strong drive towards economic, social, and technological progress is a double-edged sword that has led to huge improvements as well as a lot of damage. Sustainable prosperity demands that progress occurs in harmony with nature, within the ecological limits of a finite planet.

As designers, we can help by:

  • Doing Impact-driven design
  • Exploring long-term impact, both from a negative and positive point of view
  • Trying to minimize any negative impact from a sustainability perspective.

Sustainable Design is all about People, Planet and Prosperity, but if you’ve read the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development from the UN perhaps you’re missing the two P:s of Peace and Partnership. First of all, we will never design products or services for warfare! It would go against the whole point of designing for positive impact in multiple ways.

Secondly, whichever assignment in Sustainable Design we take on we will be sure to collaborate and partner with the stakeholders that can help us create Sustainable Impact. Because we strongly believe that survival of the fittest was a misunderstanding and that survival of the most symbiotic ​is what really matters​ in a world of interconnectedness.​

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