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User Experience Design

You probably know a bit about UX already. The field has reached maturity, and there are many competent design bureaus choose from. In fact, don’t we all sound a bit alike? At inUse, we genuinely believe that we are one of the best, not just because we are the oldest and largest, but because we have some of the best designers in Scandinavia. Our new recruits commonly mention that inUse is one of the best places to work if you want to level-up your craft. Enough of the boasting. We would love to work with you, but whoever you choose in the end, make sure it’s someone who:

Will help you frame the right problem to solve by working from insights about the needs of your target audience and a viable business model.

Will gather user insights with the most appropriate and cost-effective methods, and who has dedicated experts in the area of user research.

Doesn’t hand you a finished design in a pdf, but actually builds and tests prototypes until the design achieves the impact that you set at the start of the project.

Knows how to set-up your design team for maximum impact and who will coach you and leave you more knowledge and better organized when we part ways.

Oh, one more thing, if you choose to work with us, you don’t just get seasoned experts to work with, but what we like to call “the inUse brain.” This is the collective wisdom of about 100 design practitioners with over 500 years of accumulated design experience.