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ÅF reaps the benefits of ‘at home’ courses

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One popular concept for inUse Academy’s courses, workshops and lectures is the ‘at home’ versions. inUse recently ran an Impact Mapping workshop with ÅF in Solna. “The workshop was ideal for us, and I hope our employees will be energised and want to adopt new ways of working,” says ÅF’s Elin Fallenius.

There are many advantages to running a course at your own workplace. For example, you save time, you can keep the group together and the questions are relevant to all participants. Access to inUse’s courses was already available before, but since inUse became part of ÅF this has become simpler.

“I’d already had contact with inUse and their course leader and User Experience Strategy & Designer Mikael Sköld,” explains Elin Fallenius, Head of IT Demand & BRM at ÅF. “I knew about inUse, and since the acquisition it feels natural to bring in knowledgeable people internally.

“I was already familiar with the Impact Mapping concept, but I want my group to learn about the concept and start using it.”

Describe your team!

“They’re a group of business analysts who work closely with ÅF’s staffing functions and divisions. They are the link between users and the development teams, and they need to understand the business’s processes and needs and transform these into IT solutions. Our goal is to make everyday life easier for those who work at ÅF. It should be easy to produce CVs, time reports and so on.”

In many ways, the fact that inUse benefits ÅF and vice versa was already understood. Now ÅF has benefited from a real user focus.

“I think everyone experienced a sharp focus on the effects of the improvements we’re making, what we want to achieve, and the difference it makes for our users. It’s about making a difference for end-users, not just delivering a function.”

Mikael Sköld

And the Impact Mapping initiative resulted in an immediate continuation.

“We’ve carried on our cooperation. Mikael has coached two of our team members on an assignment.”

ÅF has already planned additional ‘at home’ sessions.

“We’ve booked more sessions, including Jonas Söderström’s talk – Jävla skitsystem! – on the frustrations caused by poorly designed computer systems.”

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