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Andrew La Monica – The 7th speaker ready for From Business to Buttons

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Andrew La Monica is an award-winning leader with 20+ years of expertise solving complex business challenges, building multi-faceted design teams, & delivering world-class customer experiences.

It is time to present our next speaker, who has a loooong experience in Design Leadership. For example, he has been Global design Director and Brand Strategist at GE, Design Expert-In-Residence at InVision, and worked with clients like Bloomberg, LinkedIn, and Adobe. But the coolest of all on his track record – if we may say so – is the fact that he has helped the International Olympic Committee as a Global Design & Brand Executive. We know throwing titles left and right in an introduction can get a bit boring, but building transformative strategies for the Olympic Committee, well that sure says something!

Andrew La Monica – VP, Global Design Executive

He is an accomplished leader and executive coach who helps people work better individually, together, and at scale. He speaks frequently about the intersection of design, business, and leadership. He has given keynote addresses at customer-focused Fortune brands and held workshops at various institutions including NYU Stern School of Business and Harvard Business School.

His work has been honored for excellence by top industry organizations including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, BusinessWeek, and The National Design Archives. Wow!

And if you haven't guessed it yet, it is for his Design Leadership expertise and experience in coaching in that area, that we are excited to welcome him to the line-up at From Business to Buttons 2022. Andrew's talk will be a great complement to fellow speaker Andy Budd and his take on Design Leadership. In short – we'll get both the 'How' and the 'What'.

Co-hosting Workshop with FBTB speaker Kimberly Hicks

Also! Don't miss Andrew's workshop which he is co-hosting with FBTB speaker Kimberly Hicks on May 12th, the day before the design conference.

Check out the workshop here.

From Business to Buttons design conference

The conference takes place in Stockholm, Sweden on May 13th, 2022. 
Tickets are available here.