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Ben Dressler from Spotify will speak at inUse Award

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We are happy to announce that Ben Dressler, Product Insights Lead at Spotify will be joining us on stage.

inUse Award is a very Swedish event. The nominees are all Swedish and most of the attendees as well. But we have one exception: our inspirational speaker for the evening Ben Dressler is working as a Product Insights Manager at Spotify.

I cared about understanding the human mind, so I got a psychology degree. I was interested in applying that knowledge in the real world, so I became a user researcher. I was always excited by technology, so I joined Spotify. I wanted to understand causality, so I pushed for a culture of experimentation. I'm passionate about organising knowledge, so I became a manager of insights.

His talk will address the complexity of humans, and trying to predict humans. What solution they need for their problem. Which interaction will delight them more? What will make many of them to return to use Spotify?

– Predicting humans is both very simple and almost impossible. It depends on what we're trying to predict and whom. It also depends on how much we know about the behaviour, the context and the individual. In our industry, we do user testing, market research or a/b tests. We answer questions with insights that are either "qual" or "quant". But by going with these defaults we're often not doing justice to the complexity of what we're trying to predict. So what to do?

Well…. You’ll find out at inUse Award when Ben Dressler takes the stage.