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Dear US designers... Welcome to Sweden

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Worried about what might happen if Trump becomes President? Welcome to Sweden.

During our recent conference From Business to Buttons, many of our US guests expressed worry, or even fear, of what might happen if Donald Trump was to become President.

US Designers. We empathize with your situation, and I would therefore like to extend my hand, and say Welcome to Sweden.

Sweden already has one of the world's most vibrant design communities, and a strong tradition within the design field. Within the digital design space, Sweden has in recent years also produced some truly amazing products, such as Minecraft, Spotify, and Candy Crush.

Also. Free healthcare and education, and paid maternity/paternity leave for everyone. I promise, this kind of socialism does not hurt. ;)

Still not sure? Send me an e-mail, or call a Swede, and we’ll tell you more.

Welcome to Sweden.