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Learn the design process behind a design system

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Have you created a design system yet? It's the perfect way to begin the year. Join our webinar and guide to get all the tools you need to create a sustainable and organic workflow.

How we wish we had worked from the get-go

Design systems are very trendy today. It seems every large organization has one, is starting one or will soon start one. Together, Kajsa Westberg and Lina Alvis will bring you their experience from working on two large international organizations in which they started design systems from scratch.

At the webinar on the 22nd of January, they will walk you through the design process of a design system as a living product while sharing their stories, mistakes, and advice. 

You will learn:  

  • How to identify the benefits of a design system for your organization.
  • How to treat the design system as a living product instead of a library of components. 
  • Tips on how to design the design system: from research, ownership to optimizing through feedback.
  • The good and the bad of some of the tools commonly used to build design systems.
  • What mistakes are common when starting a design system and how to avoid them.

Lina Alvis and Kajsa Westberg work as UX designers at inUse. Together they bring a total of five years working with design systems in an international business environment.

Click here to sign up for the webinar on the 22nd of January.

More details:
WHERE? Digital webinar on Zoom.
WHEN? January 22, 12.00 PM.
HOW? You'll receive a Zoom-link through e-mail just after signing up below.