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Design Sprint Q&A with Jake Knapp

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The FBTB Design lunches continue in 2021. And we're happy to announce that Jake Knapp will be joining us.

Join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity. We have booked Jake Knapp, inventor of the Design Sprint and a New York Times bestselling author, to a live Design Sprint Q&A. We are super excited to host this meeting and hope you feel the same.

But what are these Design Lunches, then? The lunches are a unique opportunity for you to get together with other designers and discuss your work. All of the Design Lunches will be held digitally and a part of your FBTB 2021 ticket. So, if you don't have a ticket – now's the time to buy one

Since we have some serious time difference to handle we will meet for an after-work session with Jake at 5.00 PM, on March 23.

If you have an FBTB 2021 ticket, you should have received an e-mail with an invitation to join the Design Lunches. If you want to join, buy an FBTB ticket and join the fun!