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Design Thinking at Disney with Kimberly Hicks

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Armed with Design Thinking and the guidance of Walt Disney’s strong belief in magic, Kimberly changed how Disney’s transitioned from the models behind linear TV to immersive app experiences.

Focusing on the essence of Design Thinking – keeping the users, KIDS, in the centre – they knew what a magical experience meant for them, rather than what it meant for adults. Kimberly articulates this perfectly when saying ”what we think kids want, kids know better” and ”once I think it’s cool, kids will think it’s lame”. By empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing with the kids, they did projects ranging from reducing stress before and after surgery at a children's hospital, to enable them to establish closer relationships with their favorite Disney characters.

Kimberly also shows the importance of team building and how getting everybody the same reference point, can create an environment where the entire team advocates for the user experience, not just designers.


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