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Digital Design Lunch: Meet David Dylan Thomas

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Last week David Dylan Thomas was presented as one of the design speakers at next year's From Business to Buttons (FBTB) conference in Stockholm, Sweden. But before then, he'll join us for a digital meetup.

David Dylan Thomas is a fantastic communicator about biased design. His book, Design for Cognitive Bias, is a great resource, not just for designers but writers, project managers and more. He identifies common problems and describes how people solve them in a way that's easy to follow and apply. Just writing about it makes us want to pick up his book again!

Join the upcoming Design Lunch

On November 29th, he'll join our conference host, David de Léon (yep, David & David), for a digital meetup to give us some more insights on his area of expertise – biased design. They'll touch base on what David Dylan Thomas's FBTB23 talk and workshop will be about, different aspects of bias (pitfalls in our thinking and how it affects those we design with and for), then move on to things he's been interested in lately (other cultures' ways of thinking).

It's free, it's over lunch, and you don't need an FBTB23 ticket to join in. Sign up here!

Workshop with David at FBTB23

Have you had time to look up David's workshop yet? If the subject speaks to you, the best way to dive into it is to explore it with him at his workshop, Inclusive Design: Creating a Bias-Informed Practice, and add it to your conference experience. The workshop is held on May 11th, the day before the main conference event.

We hope to see you at FBTB23 on May 12th, 2023!
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The author of Design for Cognitive Bias joins From Business to Buttons 2023