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Ethan Marcotte: I’m working on a new book

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Ethan Marcotte coined the term Responsive web design. In April he's coming to Sweden to speak at From Business to Buttons

First of all, we are very exited to have you at From Business to Buttons. Thank you for coming.
– Thank you for having me! I’m incredibly honoured to be part of From Business to Buttons: The line-up is spectacular, and it will be my first visit to Sweden!

Your book, Responsive Web Design, from 2011, was a game changer. It has also been released in a second edition, what’s new? And, if there where to be a third edition, what do you think you would add?
– Oh, quite a lot is new in the second edition! The high-level structure is the same – showing how fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries combine to build a responsive layout –but a lot more has changed. I’ve gotten the opportunity to correct a lot of errors, to update a number of images, and, more importantly, address questions I’ve received from readers over the years. All this while incorporating tons of wonderful responsive designs that have launched since the first edition.

– As for the third edition, no idea! I’m sure the web will throw a few more curveballs at us in the next couple years – it seems to be very good at that.

What's your biggest source of inspiration?
– I get my design inspiration from a number of different sources – though these days, those sources are more offline than online. Most of my digital sources for inspiration end up on Twitter, honestly: Follow @beep or @RWD for a sense of what I’m interested in.

What are you up to right now? I've heard that you are thinking of writing another book, is it in the making?
– In addition to client work, as well as co-hosting workshops (and a podcast ) with Karen McGrane, yes: I’m working on a new book! It’s about responsive design and the challenges of designing specific components within a responsive design. But it’s also going to discuss some larger design principles, not just how to adapt these elements, but why we might choose to do so. I’m excited about it.

Thank you Ethan!

If you want to get the hands-on workshop experience of Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane you don't have to travel to the USA. We invited them both to Stockholm at April 20 where they will be hosting a full-day workshop.