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Eva-Lotta Lamm – The Visual thinker brings an interactive talk to FBTB23

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After a 15-year-long career as a UX- and Digital product designer working in Paris and London (for companies like Google, Skype, and Yahoo!), Eva-Lotta Lamm shifted her professional focus to her lifelong passion for Visual thinking. As a speaker and workshop facilitator, she will join the From Business to Buttons 2023 conference on May 11-12th.

Eva-Lotta Lamm is a designer, author and Visual thinker with a passion for visualising anything from complex design problems to planning her week. She is now based in Berlin, running her own business designing physical and digital products that teach a global audience to use sketching as a tool for understanding, thinking and communicating more efficiently.

Her mission is to empower people to make the complex problems they face in their work and daily life by visualising them. That way, we can ‘see’ from a fresh perspective and solve them more confidently, creatively and clearly.

Eva-Lotta is a sought-after expert in her field. She is a regular speaker at international design conferences on sketching, sketchnoting and visual thinking. She has been teaching her craft in person and online for over a decade. 

In her spare time, she practices yoga and improvisation and loves roller skating, travelling, languages and learning new things. These passions have inspired several of her books capturing her experiences in the form of rich visual notes, of course  – take a look at her website!

Eva-Lotta at From Business to Buttons 2023

At the FBTB23 conference on May 12th, Eva-Lotta will be sharing her knowledge on Visual thinking in her talk "Sketching User Scenarios (hands-on) – From zero to sketching simple (but expressive) people in 20 minutes", but also hold an exclusive workshop the day prior.

Learn in-depth and first-hand how to visualise concepts and ideas to bring clarity to your thinking, communication and collaboration in her workshop "Pragmatic Sketching" on May 11th, 2023.

Read about her upcoming interactive talk and sketch-a-long here.

And take the chance to join her workshop on the 11th of May here.