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Facebook app for iPhone redesigned

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Email, contacts, sms, calender, maps, camera etc. which are "default" apps on iPhone require no installation for a customer. AdditionaIly to these "default" apps, people install, download and use various different apps through App Store and iTunes. 

I personally use the facebook app on a daily basis, and to my surprise facebook carried out a makeover, upgrade of the facebook app last week without previously notifying me as a user.

The home screen, is now a page where customers must choose and I cannot understand what logic is behind the order of the functionality and icons:


Why is News Feed first? Isn't Profile (users own profile) the most important "Home page", and why is the page not customizable?

This page is empty and customers are suppose to add pages, friends but the interaction principles are unclear of selecting/deselecting shortcuts.

Why is "Wall" more important than "Info" and "Photos"?

Overall, I would like to know which principles facebook designers are applying and if they consider that customers most likely are utilizing the facebook app differently that the web-version of facebook?

What's clearly improved are images, photos (viewable on facebook app) which are shown in higher resolution and actually pleasent in comparison to previous image quality.

So, what do you think about the redesign of the iPhone facebook app.

/Zayera Khan