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FBTB 2021 is here to work its digital magic

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Due to the global situation, we’re creating a digital experience for FBTB 2021. We’re planning for two main scenarios: fully digital or semi-digital. The show must go on – and we intend on making it awesome.

Similar to the rest of the world, the covid-19 situation in Sweden is still serious and alarming. The latest updates on restrictions here in Sweden regards public movement, larger events, and a continued recommendation to work more from the home office. Therefore: we’re moving forward on creating a digital conference experience for FBTB 2021. 

Although this has not been an easy decision, we are excited and motivated as we move forward with a clear direction for 2021. In march 2020 we moved the conference a full year ahead, in the hopes that the pandemic would have slowed down by then. Unfortunately, that is not the case. But since we want to make sure that the FBTB-conference makes do this year, we’ve put together a Design Team to create a fully digital event regardless of what restrictions might have been added or removed in May. While keeping in line with the current restrictions regarding the pandemic in Sweden, we strive to make sure that all ticket holders from around the globe have the same experience regardless of restrictions and possibilities to travel. Bottom line, we’re working on a fully digital conference, and if possible – a semi-physical one.

So what can we tell you about the digital conference so far? Well, we’re working hard on creating an out of the ordinary exciting digital experience for you. A place to meet new fellow designers, to see the speakers on stage, and to work that workshop magic. This will not be just another digital conference experience but a chance to interact, mingle, exchange ideas in different forums. And as always – expect a few surprises.

We aim to be transparent in our transition from a physical to a digital conference and we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments regarding your FBTB conference experience. One thing is certain... rest assured, it will be FUN!

We will keep updating you continuously. 

All the best,
The FBTB-team.

The Design lunches continue - Q&A with Jake Knapp

We're happy to announce an FBTB speaker-alumni to be joining us at an upcoming lunch - Jake Knapp!

Are you contemplating whether it’s worth getting your FBTB ticket yet? Well then do let us tell – as we wait for the real festivities to begin, the FBTB Design Lunches are still in play up until the conference. All the lunches are included when you get your FBTB-ticket.

We’ve had a blast with all the speakers and participants joining the lunches these past months. The first lunch this year is in February and we're also happy to announce Jake Knapp as one of the upcoming hosts. And there will be more exciting speakers ahead! 

You can check out the whole schedule on the ticket site.

We hope to see you at the next design lunch!