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FBTB22: Anna Piperal – Designing future-minded governance

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In her talk, Anna Piperal gives us a glimpse of the principles and choices that helped Estonia build and maintain a resilient, transparent, and citizen-focused digital government.

Today, 99% of the state’s services in Estonia are digital and Anna Piperal explains how Blockchain technology is used to ensure the integrity of data. She also discusses how technology and policy need to work together to ensure that data is not only protected but also readily accessible by those who provide services to the citizens. This balance is key to designing secure services that can meet Estonians right where they are in life.

Anna Piperal also paints a picture of what the digital government could look like in the future if the citizen is really put in the front seat. How about getting help from a caring, public AI when you find yourself giving birth on the side of a countryside road? Or casually renewing your passport while watching a Netflix show?

Watch Anna's talk from #fbtb22