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FBTB23 TALKS: Anna Kirah – Hope in the Era of Uncertainties

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How can we find hope and transcend linear thinking in times of uncertainty? Anna Kirah returns to the FBTB conference stage after becoming the favourite last year. This time, she shares insights on spotting character strengths and harnessing our differences to solve problems.

Anna Kirah makes a return to the stage and gives us her thoughts on how to find hope in trying times, how to think beyond the usual linear patterns and create space for making choices that impact our lives and shape the future for future generations.

She shares her knowledge on how and why it’s important to recognise the strength in ourselves and others and how our differences are valuable assets that can help us solve the problems of today and the future.

Anna also shares a personal story about the loss of her mother and how Service Design played a part in comforting and aiding her during a trying time.

Her talk makes us reflect on why designing services with humans in mind is important now more than ever as our reliance on technical and digital services and decision-making is growing. It all ties into the importance of thinking beyond our lifetime and leaving a positive legacy for those who come after us.

Watch Anna Kirah's "Hope in the Era of Uncertainties"

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