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FBTB23 TALKS: David Dylan Thomas – Turning Conflict into Collaboration

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In his talk at From Business to Buttons 2023, David Dylan Thomas maps out the reasons behind getting stuck in conflict. And how simple tweaks in words and questions create an environment where we can grow great collaborations instead.

Instead of getting stuck in endless conflict, can we design the nature of our conversations to encourage collaboration and sustainable decisions? Certainly! The popular content strategy figure and author of "Design for Cognitive Bias", David Dylan Thomas, encourages us to take a step back and reflect upon how we unintentionally design the conditions of our discourses to limit us to the status quo. Especially in today's political climate, it seems like we've all but surrendered to find winners instead of solutions.

The three Rules of Collaborative discourse

David takes us through real-world case studies of how we, for example, simply posing the "how" question before the "should" question, can bypass our biases and nurture an inclusive, respectful and productive discourse that unlocks our full potential.

At the end of his talk, David shares three fundamental rules of such discourse:

  1. Neither of us has the answer.
  2. Neither of us will win.
  3. We are here to create something new.

Watch David Dylan Thomas's keynote

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