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Fring on Iphone

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Fring I just installed Fring on my iphone, and I will be reporting on its usability, user expeience. The first issue I have encountered concerns being "logged in" on several devices, platforms. On my pc, I am using and connected to Windows Live Messenger (MSN), however as soon as I sign into Fring, I am automatically logged out on my pc, and connected on Fring. There are 2 issues here:

1. User does not make any choice and is automatically logged in/logged out depending on pc. Why not offer the possibility to be logged in on multiple devices, platforms? (btw, similiar issues occur when logging in on more than 1 pc as well). User experience and usability are effected and users will be irritated due to login/logout on various devices due to usage, and hence decrease efficiency, seamless interaction.

2. Presence awareness, is defaulted and set automatically on FRING, which is odd as users (especially advanced users are those who are into voip, sip-tools) should be able to choose how (where, to whom) present they are, and how their information is displayed to others. In this case, FRING needs to be improved and work on "settings" and presence topics to improve connectivity.

//Zayera Khan