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From Business To Buttons 2009 - Initial report

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Garr_reynolds Today From Business To Buttons kicked off with the Master of Presentation Zen Garr Reynolds as the first keynote speaker. 

Garr held an inspiring and entertaining talk about how we can create better presentations. Restraint, simplicity and naturalness in design are 3 pillars on which a good presentations should be built. 

The presentation in itself was highly visual, but still with text parts to emphezise and explain certain things. Garr also had the audience interact with him and amongst each other several times during the presentation - a good trick to keep people interested and engaged in the talk. 

The presentation is already available via Bambuser (Garr starts speaking about 17 minutes into the clip).

I heard many comments from upcoming speakers at the conference that it was a bit unfair to start the conference with this talk ;)

Catroina_campbel After Garr's keynote I listened to Catriona Campbel talk about ROI on Social Media. Catriona is a true Scott with a lovely dialect how swears like Billy Connely :). 

Catriona thinks that micropayments will be one of the big things through which people can actually make money on social media. She mentions Flirt'o'matic - a UK based dating/flirting service that started to sell real roses that where delivered to peoples flirts via micropayments - as easy as Amazon's one click buy. Today Flirt'o'matic has more online sales of flowers than Interflora in the UK.

Catriona also spoke about Tip Joy, a way for people to send micropayments via Twtitter to anyone with a Twitter account or an e-mail! Just tweet: p $<ammount> @<twitter name> for <reason> and they will receive the money instantly. Catriona thinks this will be the biggest thing in 2010. To me it sounds very interesting. 

At the end she talked about EEG (Emotional Engagement) that the Obama Campaign used to measure how potential voters reacted to messages in his speeches and campaign ads. Foviance (where Catriona work) has started to work with this as an analysis tool for creating and evaluating web sites among other things. This combined with eye tracking gives very interesting analytical data. Tobii is one producer of eye tracking equipment and they are presenting their products at the conference - check it out if you have the time.

That where my quick reflections on this mornings talks. We hope to bring you more soon!

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