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From Business to Buttons 2021 presents – Little Jinder

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Little Jinder is a Swedish artist and producer who’s done it all. But even so, she consistently finds ways of reinventing herself and her music over and over again. Whether it’s changing her sound, interpret odd songs or switching language in her songwriting.

“My record label probably don’t understand anything of what I’m doing. It’s a miracle I haven’t done jail time.”

At 17, Little Jinder moved from Stockholm to study audio engineering at Paul McCartney’s school Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. At that time, it wouldn’t have been obvious to anyone that she, a few years later, would be one of Sweden’s biggest pop music artists. But in 2014, her Swedish record debut blew the music industry away and the hits followed one after another; “Vita Bergens klockor”, “Super 8” and “Hångellåten” just to mention a few.

In the years to follow her success resulted in a Grammis 2015, P3 Guld in 2016 and she was nominated for three Grammis in 2019. Her popularity continued to bloom as one of the participants in the music TV-show Så Mycket Bättre and as a host in the public radio charity Musikhjälpen. She has been described as Sweden’s only rockstar, and, yes, she stands out. With producing master skills, deep synthesizer interest, hit-making capabilities, and a way of putting an end of questions of how it is to be a star;

The pop scene is still so fucking boring.

Now, with her latest release, “Little Jinder’s Unreleased Romance”, she’s back on the music scene singing in English. It’ll be a fresh new start for her upcoming album in… Swedish. It’s sure to say Little Jinder isn’t predictable.

The team behind From Business to Buttons 2021 proudly presents Little Jinder as our performing artist at this years’ conference. Little Jinder – a force that can't be missed.


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