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Gratis föreläsning: So... does the iPhone live up to its hype?

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Wud_2 inUse firar World Usability Day 2007 tillsammans med IT-Universitetet i Göteborg. Kom och fira ni också! Ingen anmälan behövs.

9.30-10 Coffee

10-11 So... does the iPhone live up to its hype?
Peter Erhard and Ingrid Ottersten from inUse presents the results from the first usability test of the iPhone, where it is compared with three top-of-the-line competitors. (Talk in Swedish)


11-12 Playability vs. usability? 
Images Games have in the last decades grown in cultural importance due to the introduction of home computers and game consoles. The interactive format of games requires this multidisciplinary design field to consider how to deal with usability. In this talk, Staffan Björk will present his views on how playability and usability relate to each other and what he perceives as the underlying fundamentals of gameplay.

Thursday, November 8, 9.30-12.00

Torg 2 at the IT University of Gothenburg
Forskningsgången 6, Hus Patricia, 417 56 Göteborg (Lindholmen)


/Mikael Lindh