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FBTB 2022 HIGHLIGHTS: Kat Zhou's Design Lunch

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Kat Zhou is one of the stellar speakers – and workshop facilitators – at this years' From Business to Buttons. Here are some highlights from her Design Lunch. For example, in less than 30 seconds she describes design ethics.

Kat Zhou has a strong passion for ethical, accessible, and inclusive design. She is the creator of the framework Design Ethically, which has evolved into a toolkit that helps teams forecast the consequences of their products. Learn about this at From Business to Buttons, where Kat will give a talk and also hold a workshop.

In this conference warm-up session, also known as the FBTB Design Lunches, we interviewed her about design ethics. To get on the same page we let her explain very briefly what design ethics actually is.

– It is something like medical ethics. Every industry needs to have a frame of thinking. What is to be a good designer? How do you do the right thing?

Among other things, we asked if there should be a code of ethics within the field.

– We have talked about it quite a bit in tech and design. Some folks think it would be a good thing.

– If we should create a code of ethics, it has to be done in a way so it’s not gate-keeping anything or anyone.

Kat thinks that we should at least put it on the agenda.

– I do think we need to have serious conversations about what do we value as designers? How do we not cause inequality?

Have a peek at the highlights here below! (The full version of the Design Lunch is here!)


Tickets are still available for Kat's workshop "Design Ethically in Tech" – order here!