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How to be social while social distancing

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Probably you’ve already seen headlines with a similar message as this. But give me a chance and I won’t make you disappointed.

It´s 2020 and ´social` no longer means sitting next to each other. Most likely you´re at home when reading this and might think about what you should do online. One thing we know for sure is that if you actively participating in online culture is far better than passively consuming it. 

Research shows that if you use social media actively, you’ll be far happier than just scroll through your feed, absorbing the news and viral memes. 

In other words, you should send messages to your beloved ones, leave more comments and enjoy talking in group chats. Netflix binges and YouTube rabbit holes are fine for escapism.

So, how can you do that? Well, there are plenty of ways. And even more digital tools to achieve that. Here are some of them. 

Co watching Instagram:

Let us start with Instagram. Even though they call it social media, it is more of asocial media. Til just now. Photo: Lance Matthew Pahang

The platform recently launched a future that enables users in direct-message conversations to check out saved, liked and suggested photos and videos together while video chatting with friends on Instagram. 

Now you can joke and talk about Instagram’s content instead of just consuming it solo.  

You can have a coffee and gossip about posts live and unfiltered over a video chat with up to six friends. 

Start a podcast 

The podcasting app Anchor just launched a feature that makes it easier for friends to record shows from afar. The feature is called ´record with friends 2.0` and allows you to record a podcast directly from your browser. `Record with friends 2.0´ is free to use and available globally. 

According to The Verge, the pandemic might give the world an extra push to start making podcast content. 

Throw a virtual dinner party

Yes, Wifi is the new long table. And your phone is a setting or a restaurant. It has become a great way to eat together. It´s called virtual dinner parties. This digital get together is as fun, sweet and delicious as in real life. 

Just decide what you want to eat and find out which platform you want to use. Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts works well for your dinner party. 

So let's break bread together and enjoy! 

Make a phone call

Don´t forget that some of your beloved ones are still going old school. Pick up your phone and call them, your grandparents, or parents, or any other who still enjoys a good old fashioned phone call. 

If you get fed up with socializing. Well, become a Corona ninja. Just be careful and don’t slice the toilet paper.