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Learn how to successfully scale design from design systems pioneer Brad Frost

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Scaling digital product design is a high-priority quest for many organizations today. Although the trend has been around for a few years, there are still many hurdles and pitfalls on the road to success. So, be sure to grasp the opportunity and let Brad Frost guide you through the challenges on your design systems journey.

Being the author of groundbreaking book ”Atomic Design” (2016), Brad Frost was one of the pioneers in starting the design systems trend a few years back. A trend that rapidly became a widespread game changer for digital design. 

As a a true guru in the field of making and maintaining successful design systems, we’re thrilled that Brad will be one of the speakers at this year’s FBTB in May. Also, if you’re struggling with your design system and feel you would benefit from hands-on guidance, I recommend that you sign up for Brad’s full-day workshop. 

Are you eager to advance your skills in this field, but can’t wait until May to get started? Check out the brilliant video series on design systems hosted by InVision. Where Brad is joined by fellow experts Dan Mall and Josh Clark to discuss challenges and approaches for successfully starting up, elaborating and maintaining design systems. 

Six short and thematic episodes offer you a quick and captivating introduction and inspiration to leveraging design systems, explored from different perspectives such as design, development, and organization.

Besides, I’m really looking forward to listen to Brad along with all the other brilliant speakers at FBTB2020. 

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