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Hur skapas bra design? (debatten fortsätter)

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Borta på diskussionslistan för interaktionsdesign, IxDA, rasar debatten om värdet av användar-centrerad utveckling: Is UCD really broken?

Har mycket att göra med vad Jared Spool hävdade på IA Summit 08 ("Släng processen i väggen", inuseful 22 april) och som Donald Norman också framhållit (Don Norman om Apple och personor, inuseful 19 mars).

Rulla ner en bit så kommer diskussionen igång ordentligt med inlägg från Robert Hoekman Jr, Will Evans, Scott Berkun, Charles B. Kreitzberg, och J Ambrose Little. Några citat:

"User research is horribly unreliable, either because it's done poorly, not done to a great enough extent, or focused on the wrong people. User research, as it's typically done, results in a set of persona descriptions, which are, well, less than useful as project deliverables. Managers care about results. Numbers. They want to see progress, not fictitious character descriptions. They hired you to design, not write movie scripts."(Robert Hoekman Jr)

"It's worth nothing noting that a near majority of breakthroughs in what we consider good interface design were driven by people with none of the trainings or backgrounds we obsess about here. They would almost all describe themselves primarily as programmers, engineers or entrepreneurs." (Scott Berkun)

"I concede, heartily, that some of the most innovative, cool, ground-breaking things that have come out in the last 10 years did not use UCD by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe they went against every tenant. (...) But at the end of the day - for every phenomenal success that didn't use UCD, let me show you 10, 50, 100, 1000 products that are complete and utter disasters - that also didn't use UCD." (Will Evans)

"Industry leaders who use UCD: Salesforce.com, Autodesk, Google, Amazon.com. Cooper's products, Adaptive Path's clients and products, AA Razorfish. Those firms I believe are examples of great design, and each use some flavor of UCD, as far as I know." (Jeff White)

"UCD is a bit like democracy - it's not perfect, but at least the chances of achieving a mediocre thing are increased, and avoiding disaster is made a bit harder." (Janne Kaasalainen)

En del (t ex Don Norman) menar att ACD, activity-centered design, är en bättre approach än UCD. Robert Hoekman adderar sin egen varant: ABCD - activity and behaviour centered design, i en tre-delad essä (Redefining User-centered design 1, 2, 3).

/ Jonas Söderström