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inUse på ØreDev: Effektstyrning, agile usability och mobila enheter

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Den 13-15 november är det dags för ØreDev 2007inUse har inte mindre än tre föreläsningar på konferensen. Alla handlar om avancerad assemblerprogrammering och databasarkitektur.

Nej, det är klart att de inte handlar om sådant. Däremot kommer många andra som är där att prata om ganska tekniska ämnen. Vi håller oss till det vi är bäst på. Effekstyrning, interaktionsdesign och användbarhet.

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Isa Hardemo & Claes Källqvist: Defeating Failure - Going From 20% to 100% Success in IT-projects

Isahardemoclaeskallqvist Facts say that almost 80% of all IT-projects fail to meet the customers´ expectations! Being aware of wanted effects in an IT-project does not guarantee that they will happen. Efforts are made when it comes to keeping deadlines and staying within budgets, but an IT-product that is not successful in use is an even bigger loss, both financially and branding wise. We mean that the real benefits from an investment are realized first in actual use. Consequently, a successful IT-project is one that focuses on activities that give real benefits.

inUse has developed a way of working with a clear focus on effects in IT-projects. Our Effect Map is a tool that not only makes it easier to stress well-founded decisions but visualize the relationship between expected business effects, users and the IT-product visible. This seminar shows Effect Management as a method in practice with examples from real projects - a way of working with a clear focus on effects.

Eric Idebro & Illugi Ljótsson (Dobase): Introducing usability in agile-driven projects

Illugiljotssonericidebro How to merge Scrum with user centered design activities? User centered activities in Scrum projects are sometimes regarded as either hard to implement or even unnecessary to include in the projects. However, more and more people realize that usability and user experience are critical factors when it comes to create successful products.

Eric Idebro and Illugi Ljótsson show how and where to include user centered activities in a Scrum project by presenting a case where a project team used Scrum as the project method and included user centered design activities such as user group analysis, prototyping, usability testing and expert reviews to ensure that the requirements regarding usability were met.

Linda Tolj: Mobile Devices - Meeting the User Expectations?

Lindatolj The mobile device users are increasing rapidly by the minute. While the market is growing, so are both the number of players, features and technology. Huge investments are made in the industry, but how well do they meet the needs and expectations of the users? We argue that the wanted effects of these investments can first be realized in the actual usage.

This session will present results, examples and conclusions from usability tests made on phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Apple.

Inte så illa va? Boka den 13-15 november, och köp tågbiljetter i god tid.

/Johan Berndtsson