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inUse proudly presents: Thesis Projects for Students

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We at inUse are really excited to announce the thesis projects to which we are seeking students for the spring semester of 2017.

For a couple of nights we have had Students' nights at inUse. In Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm. 

– A success, lots of dedicated and interested people, says Jon Karlsson at inUse.

Especially, they have been interested in what inUse has to offer students.

And that is – several thesis projects. 

We are seeking students for the spring semester of 2017 for Dissecting the Registration, Window to Another Place, Actionable User Research, Experience Design at the Office and Physical Visualisation of Measurement.

Read more about the projects and apply here!

If this is something for you, do apply and become a team member at inUse. We can assure you, it's great fun and on the very horizon of development.