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inUse and ÅF are joining forces to form Sweden’s largest Service Design and User Experience agency, with a turnover of over 200M SEK.

Ever since I and the other founders gathered around Ingrid’s kitchen table our goal has been to make the greatest difference we can. For those who use the solutions we create, for the clients we work for, and – as often as we can – for society at large.

For 15 years, all of us at inUse have built a fantastic business. We’ve grown from zero to over a hundred colleagues. We have teached thousands of classes, helped thousands of clients with tens of thousands of challenges, and we’ve made everyday life easier and more fun for millions of users.

inUse has never been just a company. inUse is an idea. An idea that design makes a difference. For humans, business, and society at large.

In recent years many internationally renowned Service Design and User Experience companies have been acquired by management consulting companies, IT companies, banks, product companies, and others. This is not a coincidence. The purpose is apparent: the increasingly complex development of products and services has to be lead from a design perspective. And that’s where we are today.

inUse is a strong Service Design and User Experience brand in Scandinavia and internationally. This comes from, among other things, the conference From Business To Buttons, the many speakers and authors working at inUse, our commitment and diligent work with City of Denver, Smart Cities, and more.

When we look forward, to the next 15 years, we will have a entirely new platform to work with. A platform that truly and genuinely, allows us to realise our designs and the things we create.

With the new platform we gain access to technical expertise that our designers and front-end developers can use to deliver complete solutions.

With the new platform, we have access to 400 architects, light designers and acoustic experts – a perfect match to our efforts in Human Spaces and smart cities.

With the new platform we significantly increase our capabilities to manage physical touchpoints in the customer journey mapping, with the addition of a large number of very skilled industrial designers.

ÅF has offices in 30 countries, and has a clear desire for inUse to gain a higher international presence – just in line with our plans to open more offices.

We are extremely excited! With ÅF we get the platform we need to take the next step, and fulfill the promise that design really can make a difference – for users, business, and society at large.

We need more extraordinary talents on this journey to succeed. Do you want to join in?

Johan Berndtsson, COO of InUse and Co-founder

Mikael Aldman, Deputy Regional Director of InUse and Co-founder

Ingrid Domingues, Director of Impact Management and Co-founder

Kjell Persson, CEO of InUse

Facts about the acquisition:

  • ÅF acquires inUse Experience AB, as well as the US subsidiary inUse Inc.
  • inUse continues to operate under its own brand, but is organizationally integrated into ÅF's Digital Solutions division.
  • inUse continues to work with its customers and does not waive any of values, offers or focus areas. On the contrary, we will be able to expand the areas in which inUse has already succeeded.
  • The founders, CEO, and the regional managers at InUse have all been active in the acquisition process and all remain in the business.
  • All employees at inUse and ÅF Design enter into the new merged business. With with a turnover of 200M SEK.
  • Johan Berndtsson, co-founder and COO of inUse, will lead inUse. He will report to Ann Granberg, head of ÅF Design.
  • Kjell Persson, current CEO of InUse, will have a special responsibility for business development of ​​Smart Cities and other areas where inUse holds the key to cross-disciplinary offerings.