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iPhone missing functionality - part I

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I just got myself an iPhone (I do think the phone is cool and all, but my critical ME is irritated on a few things), and since 3 days I am trying to figure out how to best use it.
Compared to other phones, I miss the following functionalities (perhaps they exist and I just haven't figured out yet how to access these:

1. Transfer and manage contacts from other sim-cards, so far I tried to copy sim-contacts via inserting an existing sim-card and import these = did not work. Then I tried to send over via bluetooth, but that failed too. Editing and adding contacts I find pretty tedious, so I asked a friend to send me a SMS (txt) with adress, phone details. How do you think I can copy paste these? In other phones the copy functionality is used, so that a user can copy & paste "text", however here I did not figure it out. Oddly enough, the street number, postcode, email were identified but the phone numbers in the SMS were not recognized as phone numbers -> perhaps iPhone is not accustomed to regional phone number standards (in sweden it is typical to write all numbers together or but a - after the city/prefix).

2. Phone profiles! I really miss my personal phone profiles, on my other mobile phones I am an avid user of phone profiles, and change to work, meeting, outdoor, home, etc.

However on the iPhone, I cannot make any setting or profiles at all - how am I suppose to make sure my work colleagues are not disturbed when the phone rings, besides turning it on "Mute"?
Or how are I suppose to make the ringtones louder if I am outdoors with more noise around me?
Noise management is an important factor not only socio-culturally but also for our well-being and mutual respect of privacy, and shared spaces.

3. Writing and typing on iPhone, I find a bit frustrating, here is why: Why do I need to shift between screens for selecting numbers and symbols? The standard keytype when you press a digit to get numbers, symbols is something that users are accustomed to, so why not keep or enable these settings? For example a long click or 2 taps to get the number?

How do I disable the "correction" mode, so that I do not get "dom" whenever I type in "com" (.com).
How can I select multiple languages, especially for users who are accustomed to writing with letters such as "å,ä,ö" or in german "ü", or other special letters for various global languages.

4. Why doesn't iPhone have infrared, or why can't I record videos and movies on it?
More to follow...

Reported by Zayera Khan.